Omer Avital

Aaron Golberg - Piano
Omer Avital - Bass
Ali Jackson - Drums
Yes! Trio

“Yes! is performed with such confidence and finger-snapping sense of relaxation/jubilation that its whole is greater than its parts. One might expect this trio to bust out of the gate at warp speed, perhaps plying Latin rhythms, folk melodies, or progressive improvisations (as Goldberg did on the recent Bienstan with Guillermo Klein) in a burst of Manhattan-centric energy. Jackson/Goldberg/Avital instead take a traditional approach to Monk, Ellington, and Abdullah Ibrahim, then jump on Avital’s romping title track with a shared sense of joy. Highlights are many: the lovely warmth of Avital’s solo over Jackson’s brushwork in his sweet ‘El Soul’; the Basie-esque sizzle of Mercer Ellington’s ‘Way Way Back’; the feeling between the notes of Ibrahim’s inchworm-like ‘Maraba Blue’; the funky butt groove of Duke Ellington’s ‘The Shepherd.’
The Yes! trio . . . takes their sweet time, and puts some serious soul to CD.”

– Downbeat Magazine