Omer Avital
Ab Aeterno
Ab Aeterno

Jason Lindner

By Paula Edelstein / Allmusic

Jason Lindner’s recent debut for Fresh Sound New Talent is among his best work in the world-jazz genre. His delicate piano lines are beautifully complemented by bassist Omer Avital and percussionist Luisito Quintero on ten amazing songs that are sure to bring a new perspective to thirsty ears yearning for more creativity and true trio harmony. Lindner wrote or co-wrote eight of the ten songs and plays the piano, melodica and mbira from an expanded consciousness and with exotic mysticism. All of the musicians express their highly developed improvisations through effective soloing as well as collective interplay to give the listener a huge sound that lingers long after each song has ended. The title track, which roughly means “since the beginning of time,” opens with Avital’s oud lines complemented by Lindner’s melodica expressions and thoughts of ancient times. Quintero’s distinct percussive taps are mini-gifts that add texture and color. Lindner’s solo on “Renacimiento” (which means “renaissance”) is a Spanish groove-laden beauty. Inspired by Lindner’s thoughts about Spain at a time when people of various faiths and beliefs lived and made art together, the song lends itself to a melodic oud and bass duet by Avital andQuintero. All of the songs are beautifully performed, however “Monserrate” surely ranks as one of the most profound. Pronounced mon-sair-rah-tay, the song was inspired by a beautiful cathedral on a mountain peak Lindner remembered seeing while in Bogota. The serene ambiance of the song literally exudes a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Lindner channels the ’40s jazz pianist, Bud Powell on”Sure Thing/Glass Enclosure,” a medley of two of Bud Powell’s gems. He plays the songs in true Powell style before returning to a new age and time with the riveting descarga “G-Point.”Overall, this great trio brings together three different cultures to create an important, genre-defying body of work, fusing African, Latin-American and Middle Eastern music. AB Aeterno excites the senses, gives new life to world-jazz rhythms, and provides an excellent vehicle for Lindner, Avital and Quintero to shine on both modern and ancient instrumentation.